CARDIS 2012 - Pre-Proceedings

Smart Card Research and Advanced Application Conference

The proceedings will appear in Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) published by Springer. The original publication will be available at

Java Card Security

  • Michael Lackner, Reinhard Berlach, Christian Steger, Reinhold Weiss, Johannes Loinig and Ernst Haselsteiner
    Towards the Hardware Accelerated Defensive Virtual Machine - Type and Bound Checks (pdf)
  • Guillaume Barbu, Philippe Andouard and Christophe Giraud
    Dynamic Fault Injection Countermeasure – A New Conception of Java Card Security (pdf)
  • Julien Lancia
    Java Card combined attacks with localization-agnostic fault injection (pdf)


  • Sébastien Canard, Loïc Ferreira and Matt Robshaw
    Improved (and Practical) Public-key Authentication for UHF RFID Tags (pdf)
  • Jan Hajny and Lukas Malina
    Unlinkable Attribute-Based Credentials with Practical Revocation on Smart-Cards (pdf)

Side-Channel Attacks I

  • Thomas Roche, Emmanuel Prouff and Jean-Sébastien Coron<
    On the Use of Shamir’s Secret Sharing Against Side-Channel Analysis (pdf)
  • Luk Bettale
    Secure Multiple SBoxes Implementation with Arithmetically Masked Input (pdf)
  • Jean-Luc Danger, Sylvain Guilley, Philippe Hoogvorst, Cedric Murdica, and David Naccache
    Low-Cost Countermeasure against RPA (pdf)
  • François Durvaux, Mathieu Renauld, Francois-Xavier Standaert, Loic Van Oldeneel Tot Oldenzeel and Nicolas Veyrat-Charvillon
    Efficient Removal of Random Delays from Embedded Software Implementations using Hidden Markov Models (pdf)

Invited Talk

  • N. Asokan
    Mobile Platform Security (pdf)


  • Tolga Yalcin and Elif Bilge Kavun
    On the Implementation Aspects of Sponge-based Authenticated Encryption for Pervasive Devices (pdf)
  • Josep Balasch, Baris Ege, Thomas Eisenbarth, Benoît Gérard, Zheng Gong, Tim Güneysu, Stefan Heyse, Stéphanie Kerckhof, Francois Koeune, Thomas Plos, Thomas Poppelmann, Francesco Regazzoni, Francois-Xavier Standaert, Gilles Van Assche, Ronny Van Keer, Loic Van Oldeneel Tot Oldenzeel and Ingo von Maurich
    Compact Implementation and Performance Evaluation of Hash Functions in ATtiny Devices (pdf)
  • Markus Pelnar, Michael Muehlberghuber and Michael Hutter
    Putting Together What Fits Together – GrAEStl (pdf)

Implementations for Constrainted Devices

  • Yuto Nakano, Carlos Cid, Shinsaku Kiyomoto and Yutaka Miyake
    Memory Access Pattern Protection for Resource-constrained Devices (pdf)
  • Petr Susil and Serge Vaudenay
    Multipurpose Cryptographic Primitive ARMADILLO3 (pdf)

Side-Channel Attacks II

  • David Oswald and Christof Paar
    Improving Side-Channel Analysis with Optimal Pre-Processing Methods (pdf)
  • Sebastien Tiran and Philippe Maurine
    SCA with Magnitude Squared Coherence (pdf)
  • Johann Heyszl, Dominik Merli, Benedikt Heinz, Fabrizio De Santis and Georg Sigl
    Strengths and Limitations of High-Resolution Electromagnetic Field Measurements for Side-Channel Analysis (pdf)
  • Timo Bartkewitz
    Efficient Template Attacks Based on Probabilistic Multi-class Support Vector Machines (pdf)

Invited Talk II

  • David Naccache
    Defensive Leakage Camouflage